Success Story #1

Gummy Smile Before & After Toronto

Figure 1-Fixing a Gummy Smile Success Story

Figure 1. Before Treatment

Figure 2-Fixing a Gummy Smile Success Story

Figure 2. After Treatment. Note how much larger the upper teeth are in proportion to the gums.

Patient History: Linda is a 20 year old Caucasian female who presented with the complaint that she did not like her gummy smile.

Treatment Recommendations: I discussed various options with Linda including removing some of the excessive gums over her teeth to reveal her large teeth that were hiding. This condition is called Altered Passive Eruption (which means the teeth never fully erupted and are tucked away under gums). Many people have this condition and are not even aware how much bigger their teeth really are. Sometimes, more then HALF the tooth is hidden underneath the gums.

Procedure Performed: We went ahead and performed a CROWN LENGTHENING which means making the teeth bigger and the gums proportionately smaller.

Outcome: At least half of her teeth were hidden underneath the upper gums. We revealed her teeth more and she exhibits a lot more of her teeth when she smiles today.

Patient comments before and after procedure: Wow, I cant believe how big my teeth really are compared to what you could see before. Now I show my beautiful teeth instead of just gums. I dont have to cover my mouth with my hand when I laugh now because I am not embarrassed any more.

What made our services stand out for the patient and the dentist is that she was very scared before treatment and we were able to put her to sleep for the duration of the procedure. When she woke up, she got the immediate gratification of seeing her brand new smile. Her dentist was looking for someone who could perform this procedure for her with anesthesia and sent her to us for the treatment with this in mind.

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