We make collaboration the cornerstone of our approach.

Periodontics & Dental Implants Specialist, Dr. Veisman, serving the Greater Toronto Area

Your choice of a periodontist should be founded on how well you to work together to bring your patient the best possible results. But a true periodontal partner should also have consideration of your skills and practice in mind.


We work with referring dentists to craft individual, comprehensive treatment plans for their patients, providing a range of treatment options that best meet their individual needs. This approach ensures the patients receive seamless continuity of care and that dentists feel they have a trusted resource that will help their patients receive the best long-term benefits of complex periodontal care.

Tough Cases

We focus on complex periodontal, bone grafting, gum grafting, and full arch dental implant rehabilitation cases. Because we specialize in just a few specialized procedures which we perform thousands of times per year, dentists can be confident they are referring their patient to a specialist who will provide the best chance for long-lasting, natural-looking results with minimal discomfort. Our use of minimally-invasive micro-surgical techniques not only reduces discomfort and shortens recovery time, but it also creates a more solid foundation for referring dentists to build upon.

Respect that it is your patient

When you refer patients to the Periodontal Specialists, our simple, detailed Referral Pad helps you transfer of your patients’ medical information and your initial treatment recommendations to us. After our initial patient consultation, we work with you to develop a range of treatment options we agree are most appropriate, ensuring patients hear a consistent message. At the same time we develop a complete care plan that outlines treatments to be provided by each party during and after the periodontal procedures, protecting your ongoing patient relationship and helping you maintain the reconstructive work we have done.

Ongoing Education

The Periodontal Specialists are committed to developing and sharing techniques and practices with our referring dentist partners through our PerioShare program. A better understanding of periodontal techniques helps dentists give their patients more treatment options, and a better chance at achieving the results they desire. It also allows dentists to increase the range of services they can perform in their offices, helping build a stronger practice while meeting CE credit requirements.
Working together we can optimize our patients’ dental treatment programs and provide the highest level of dental care possible.

Working together for natural looking results.

We believe collaboration is the cornerstone of complete patient care. Working with referring dentists to craft a complete treatment plan. That’s why we created the Perioplan Referral Process, a unique, structured, multi-stage plan that lays out in advance the working relationship between referring dentists and Dr. Veisman, and guarantees the patient receives the highest level of continuous care.

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