Success Story #3


Before-Beautiful Teeth through Implants Success Story

Figure 1. Before dental implants

Implant Posts Placed-Beautiful Teeth through Implants Success Story

Figure 2. Two weeks after dental implants were placed

After-Beautiful Teeth through Implants Success Story

Figure 3. A month after dental implants were inserted, patient is wearing the final crowns

Patient Age: Amanda is a 19 year old Caucasian female
Problem Presented: Patient has been missing her lateral incisors (lateral front teeth) her entire life and had to walk around with a retainer with fake teeth. She was most unhappy about this and wanted to fill these unsightly spaces with permanent dental implant teeth.
Diagnosis: Congenitally missing lateral incisors
Treatment Recommendations: We discussed crown and bridge and dental implants. She refused crown and bridge because she did not wish to cut down perfectly good teeth to place a bridge in the front of her mouth. As well, she knew that over time, the bridges would fail and more extensive and expensive treatment would be necessary. She chose the dental implants option.
Procedures Performed: Amanda had the dental implants placed and continued to wear the retainer over the implants so that no one could see missing teeth or even know that she had any dental treatment. After 1 month of healing, she proceeded to have the crowns finally inserted over the implants.
Outcome: The patient was extremely pleased at her new smile and that she did not have to remove a retainer several times per day to clean it. As well, she can bite into and eat anything she wants now including, her favorite, candy apples.
Conclusion: Today, missing teeth can be replaced easily, efficiently and quickly with dental implant technology. In some situations, patients can walk out the door with the implants AND final crowns in under an hour.
Patient Comments before and after procedure: the patient was very frustrated and unhappy by her situation and wanted a PERMANENT solution to her missing front teeth. At completion of treatment, she told me I am more confident then ever about myself. I am being asked out on more dates and my presentations in school have improved because I am not worried about my retainer falling out when I speak in public.
What made our services stand out for the patient and for the referring dentist is the speed at which her treatment was completed. In ONE month, she had her final teeth placed over the implants. This was relatively new technology a few years ago when this treatment was completed and the dentist was astonished at how natural the final result was.

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