Pain-free Treatment Before, During & After Periodontal Surgery

Periodontics & Dental Implants Specialist, Dr. Veisman, serving the Greater Toronto Area

Patient receiving PerioAsleep to relieve anxiety and pain during treatment

We want to remove any concern about discomfort as your excuse for putting off needed periodontal treatment.

PerioAsleep, The Periodontal Specialists proprietary pain management program, takes the fear, anxiety and pain out of going to the dentist. Conscious sedation anesthesia not only eliminates pain, but calms any nervousness or fear you may be feeling about the procedure.

During the procedure, The Periodontal Specialists will also deliver the appropriate antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications to help prevent excessive swelling and minimize the chances for post-operative complications.

Because you will be sleeping comfortably during treatment, you may discover that you want to complete more treatment per appointment or complete all of our treatment in a single appointment. As such, the PerioAsleep program can expedite completion of treatment as well as lower the overall cost of treatment.

Don’t Let Dental Fear Get In Your Way

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