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The PerioPlan Referral Process-Consult, Collaborate, Care, ContinuityAt The Periodontal Specialists, we believe that by working together with the referring dentists we can craft a complete treatment plan that ensures our patients the highest level of continuous care. Teeth forever. Thats our mission.
The PerioPlan Referral Process is a structured, multi-stage plan that defines, in advance, the working relationship between referring dentists and Dr. Veisman.



We designed a Referral Pad to gather relevant patient information as well as medical information that the referring dentist can send to us with his or her initial recommendation for treatment. This helps The Periodontal Specialists focus the initial examination, and better understand their patients specific needs and concerns. The Periodontal Specialists will then consult with each patient, answering questions and gathering additional information that may have an effect on his suggested treatment options.


Following their own examination and discussion with the patient, The Periodontal Specialists will schedule a consultation call with the referring dentist to discuss and agree on a treatment plan or range of treatment options that are most appropriate. This eliminates any chance of the patient getting conflicting messages from the dentist and periodontist. At the same time, both treating dentists will agree on a continuity-of-care plan that will go into effect after we’ve completed the periodontal portion of the treatment plan. The Periodontal Specialists will then present the treatment options to the patient, providing all the information he or she needs to make a decision that feels right.


The Periodontal Specialists are committed to providing each patient with the highest level of care and comfort. Before treatment, The Periodontal Specialists will address all pain management and other concerns so the patient has a clear expectation of what will transpire over the course of treatment. This includes timelines, numbers of visits, pain expectations and management techniques, costs, healing times and post-treatment care. Following any surgical procedure, The Periodontal Specialists will follow-up with a personal phone call, to make sure the patient is well and make any modifications to the plan that may become necessary. The Periodontal Specialists will also personally contact the referring dentist after the procedure to keep him or her updated.


After any treatment, a continuity-of care program goes into effect, which may or may not require follow-up visits with the periodontist. Relevant x-rays, photographs and written reports will be sent to the dentist so all records remain up-to-date and the dentist can build upon the solid foundation we’ve created.

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