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At the Periodontal Specialists, we know referral choices are important to your ongoing relationships with your patients. We work collaboratively with referring dentists to ensure seamless continuity of care, developing comprehensive, personalized treatment options that give your patient the best chance for success long-lasting, natural-looking teeth. Through the use of bone grafting and minimally-invasive surgical techniques we create a solid foundation for you to build on when restoring your patient’s teeth.

Caring for your patients like you would

We put as much emphasis on patient comfort as we do on dental care. Our PerioAsleep program involves sedation anesthesia that allows patients to sleep through surgeries. And our progressive pain management approach helps minimize discomfort after their procedure. True collaboration for better care
Our PerioPlan is a proprietary referral process that defines, in advance, the working relationship between referring dentists and the Periodontal Specialists. It helps us ensure the best chance for post-treatment outcome and excellent continuous care.

Developing skills that grow your practice

Collaboration includes sharing the skills that help dentists build their practices and provide more expert care. Our PerioShare program builds an ongoing educational relationship with the dentists who work with us. Our Mini Residency and other educational programs develop basic periodontal skills and techniques, while improving the overall understanding of the restorative and rehabilitative therapies we can achieve. Dentists will have the skills and knowledge to give their patients even greater options in improving the look and longevity of their teeth.
Promising our patients healthier, more attractive, longer-lasting smiles. Teeth forever.