Case Study #3

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Complete Dental Implant Rehabilitation (Fixed Prosthetics)

Patient Age: Gus is a 55 Year old Caucasian
Sex: Male
Problem Presented: Patient presented failing upper bridges and teeth and edentulous mandible. He didn’t like wearing his lower denture and his upper teeth were moving. He also exhibited halitosis. He was very unhappy and wanted to improve his quality of life which was low due to his inability to eat properly.

Before & After

Figure 1. Patient initial presentation

Diagnosis: Advanced Chronic Periodontitis and Multiple missing teeth

Before & After

Figure 2. Initial Panoramic Radiograph

Treatment Recommendations: The patient presented with good overall bone structure and was given the option of full mouth dental implant rehabilitation. He was advised, however, that during the interim healing period after extractions and ridge preservations, he would have to wear upper and lower full dentures. He was not thrilled with the idea but accepted the plan. Therefore, he would wear full dentures for a period of 4 months, then have multiple implants placed in the maxilla and mandible. He would then continue to wear upper and lower dentures for another 3 months. Finally, he could begin work on his multiple bridges to seat over the implants.
Procedures performed: Dental extractions, ridge preservations in extraction sites, full upper and lower denture fabrication, multiple dental implants, multiple implant supported bridges for both maxilla and mandible.

Before & After

Figure 3. Maxillary dental implants healed after 3 months

Before & After

Figure 4. Mandibular implants in place at time of surgery

Before & After

Figure 5. Prosthetic abutments screwed into all the implants

Before & After

Figure 6. Lab set up of the bridges on model (mandible)

Figure 7

Figure 7. Lab set up of the bridges on model (maxilla)

Figure 8

Figure 8. The 5 bridges

Specific Technology Used: Bone Regeneration technology, dental implants
Outcome: The final outcome is stable for 8 years with no change in bone levels around the implants. Patient is compliant and presents 4 times per year for maintenance and hygiene.

Figure 9

Figure 9. The final Panoramic radiograph after completion of the case over 18 dental implants.

Figure 10

Figure 10. Patient completed treatment and a nightguard was inserted to ensure he does not fracture the porcelain with parafunctional habits.

Conclusion: Complete oral dental implant rehabilitation is predictable, relatively quick and very common today. In many cases, these treatments can be completed in less than an HOUR.
Patient Comments before and after procedure: The patient wanted to have the most natural looking and feeling set of teeth possible. Although he was apprehensive before treatment, he was shocked and amazed at how good he looked and felt at completion of treatment. He said it was the best investment of my life.

Figure 11

Figure 11. Happy patient!

What made our services stand out for the patient and the referring dentist is that his dentist just referred him to see if we could save his upper teeth. The dentist was amazed at what could be accomplished with dental implants as this was his first FULL mouth dental implant rehabilitation case. He did an amazing job. The patient? Well, he invited both me and his dentist to his daughters wedding a year after the treatment was completed. His smile was so radiant, we could spot him across the ballroom throughout the occasion. He was thrilled and forever thankful to both me and his dentist for changing his life and putting a permanent smile on his face.