Why Dentists Choose Us

We make collaboration the cornerstone of complete patient oral health care.

At the Periodontal Specialists, we work collaboratively with referring dentists to develop comprehensive treatment plans that give their patients the best chance of achieving long-lasting, natural looking results.

Specialized experience

We focus on complex periodontal, bone grafting, gum grafting, and full arch dental implant rehabilitation cases. Because we specialize in just a few unique specialized procedures which we perform thousands of times per year, dentists are confident they have a valuable resource to ensure their patients receive the best long-term benefits of periodontal care.

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The latest techniques

Our PerioShare education program is designed to develop and share the latest periodontal techniques and practices with dentists, improving their skills and knowledge. A better understanding of periodontal practices helps dentists give their patients more treatment options, and a better chance at achieving the results they desire.

Patient care comes first

Dentists need a partner who can bring the same level of care to the patient they’re referring. Our dedicated team members are devoted to making each patient feel at ease. Our thorough consultation appointments give us time to fully understand patients’ concerns, provide comprehensive treatment options, and address their questions about procedures, benefits, costs and post-treatment care. We also cover pain management options, to ensure patients are relaxed and comfortable before, during and after treatment.