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What is Lip Repositioning Surgery? | Should I get Lip Repositioning? | Lip Repositioning FAQs

Unhappy with your upper high upper lip causing a gummy smile? Experienced periodontist Dr. Veisman offers lip repositioning to turn your smile into something you love!

What is Lip Repositioning?

Lip Repositioning is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that adjusts the upper lip to correct a gummy smile. There are several treatment options available, which are derived from more intensive plastic surgery and customized for dental patients.

While an ideal smile is a personal preference, there are clinical measurements and causes for a gummy smile. It is therefore important to start with a clinical assessment of your smile and gingival health with a health professional with scientific and aesthetic experience, such as a periodontist Dr. Veisman. At Periodontal Specialists, Dr. Veisman can perform an examination, consult with you to design the best treatment for your situation, and answer any questions you may have.

Current clinical assessment protocols include examination of the following physiological components of a gummy smile:

  • dental
  • gingival
  • jawbone
  • muscular structures

A gap measurement of more than 4mm between the gum and tooth “line” and the bottom of the upper lip is widely accepted as the measurement for determining a gummy smile.

The most common surgery for lip repositioning is to remove part of the inner lip, allowing it to lower when smiling to cover the excessive display of the upper gums.

An alternative treatment option is Botox. A small injection of Botox can relax and lower the lip effectively covering the gummy smile. Lip repositioning is increasingly popular, as patients work with dental specialists to create their ideal of smile harmony. Other procedures that can be performed in conjunction with lip repositioning to improve a smile include crown lengthening, to deal with altered passive eruption.

Is Lip Repositioning Surgery Right For Me?

We always recommend you visit our office for a consultation so that Dr. Veisman can determine if you are a candidate for Lip Lowering Surgery. If you have matched any of the following criteria, call our office at Periodontal Specialists Phone Number Periodontal Specialists Phone Number Periodontal Specialists Phone Number 866-473-7464 or request an appointment online.

  • Patients who are unhappy with their current appearance, due to a gummy smile.
  • People with a high upper lip position (also referred to as a hyperactive upper lip)
  • People diagnosed with vertical maxillary excess (VME), or excessive upper jawbone height
  • Patients with altered passive eruption (APE) of the upper teeth
  • People who wish for a fuller upper lip when they smile in addition to reducing upper gum visibility
  • People who prefer safe, conservative surgical treatment

Before & After Lip Repositioning

BeforeAfter image of smile before gummy smile correction
After image of smile before gummy smile correction

Lip Repositioning FAQ

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is an excessive (more than 2mm) display of the upper gums that is activated by smiling movements.

What is an altered passive eruption (APE)?

This is a clinical condition that is the result of excessive gum overlapping the tooth enamel at the gumline. APE is frequently treated with crown lengthening, a procedure that removes unneeded gum tissue.

How to care for your smile after Lip Repositioning surgery?

Home care instructions will be given. This includes rinsing carefully with salt water or water with hydrogen peroxide twice daily for 2 weeks. Come back for stitches removal and final check.

Is lip repositioning surgery permanent?

Case studies with follow-ups of 1 to 3 years have shown that the procedure remains effective.

How much does lip repositioning cost?

Due to the unique health and aesthetic needs of each patient, there is no one lip repositioning cost available.

Dr. Veisman and his staff can review this with you at your consultation. Please bring all insurance information with you to this appointment.

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