Bringing Better Care to Toronto Patients with Complex Dental Problems

Dr. Veisman PerioShareOur PerioShare Continuing Education (CE) program is nurturing more collaboration between all periodontal specialists and the dentists and doctors who refer patients to us.

Periodontal treatment options have changed and evolved so rapidly that many dentists in the Greater Toronto area are not familiar with the new techniques with respect to how they can support or enhance their patients long-term dental health. Therefore, throughout the year, The Periodontal Specialists conduct regular workshops through our PerioShare CE program, where we share our knowledge of the most up-to-date techniques in surgical periodontics and restorative dentistry, their success rates and their effects on patients.

Dr. Veisman PerioShareThe PerioShare CE series will be offered six times throughout the year by invitation only. The course will consist of a 30 minute session where The Periodontal Specialists will be discussing three cases pertinent to current trends in reconstructive implant and cosmetic dentistry. After completion of presentation, the cases will be discussed informally and openly amongst the course attendees. The Periodontal Specialists will then present 2 or 3 NEW cases (depending on time availability) that will be discussed amongst the attending course dentists. The discussion will focus on Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Treatment Implementation, Pain and Anxiety management protocols, Record-Keeping, and ongoing follow-up and continuous care.

Working together we can optimize our patients dental treatment programs and provide the highest level of care possible.

Dr. Veisman PerioShare