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When you break a tooth, you may notice a gum boil (looks like a pimple on the gum). This is an indication that something is wrong with the bone and roots of the tooth. Most likely, the tooth has a root canal and even a post inside which could have led to a tooth crack over time. This most likely means that the tooth has to be pulled out and replaced with a dental implant either right away or over a 4-6 months period of time.
If the tooth to be pulled out is a single rooted tooth (incisor, cuspid, premolar) then an implant can be placed right away into the socket. If on the other hand the tooth is an upper or lower molar, then the tooth is extracted and bone grafted immediately. An implant may not be possible right away because the configuration of the socket left behind most likely cannot accommodate the shape of a dental implant. Therefore, often times, the tooth is extracted, bone grafted, allowed to heal for 4-6 months and then a dental implant is placed. Following three months of healing, the crown or bridge can be placed.
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