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Many people know they have receding gum lines, exposed and sensitive roots and even loose teeth. However, these same individuals don’t realize that they are at risk of tooth loss if they don’t proceed with gum grafts that will accomplish two goals: 1. Cover the exposed roots 2. Increase the amount of healthy and strong […]

Tooth Replacement with dental implants

Some people lose all their teeth at an early age. In this case, Margaret is a 60 year old female who who lives in Newfoundland, Canada. She lost all of her upper teeth when she was 16 years old. Since then, she has been embarrassed to smile, covered her mouth whenever she did smile, and […]

Always consult a specialist for your surgical needs

If you are considering having any kind of surgery, my best advise to you is to ALWAYS CONSULT A SPECIALIST. Only specialists have the 3-5 ¬†years of training above and beyond dental school. Specialists receive intensive specialized training under strict supervision of an accredited university. General dentists and physicians do not have such training and […]

Intravenous Sedation and Anesthesia

Our patients appreciate having the option to sleep right through all bone grafting, extractions, dental implants and gum surgical procedures in our office. The advantages of having treatment with anesthesia include: 1. Having more treatment completed in one sitting so you don’t have keep coming back for more and more treatment 2. Able to monitor […]

Bone grafts in periodontics

There are various types of bone grafts that can be performed in the periodontal office. 1. Guided Tissue Regeneration- bone grafting around an already existing tooth which has lost bone due various problematic issues. The bone grafting procedure consists of opening the gum around the tooth, cleaning out the defect, adding bone and a resorbable […]