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Intravenous Sedation and Anesthesia

Our patients appreciate having the option to sleep right through all bone grafting, extractions, dental implants and gum surgical procedures in our office. The advantages of having treatment with anesthesia include:
1. Having more treatment completed in one sitting so you don’t have keep coming back for more and more treatment
2. Able to monitor people who are medically compromised
3. Having a portal IV in the vein for delivery of life saving medications in case of an emergency
4. Delivery of antibiotics directly into your system to drastically reduce chance of post operative infection
5. Delivery of anti-inflammatory medications to reduce chance of any swelling and pain post operatively
6. Can’t hear, feel or see any of the treatment and you awaken happy and refreshed after completion of surgery.
Many patients equate having sedation during surgery to “flying FIRST CLASS” on an airline. It’s a great feeling to go for surgery and not feel anything or be nervous throughout the entire treatment.

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