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Tooth Replacement with dental implants

Some people lose all their teeth at an early age. In this case, Margaret is a 60 year old female who who lives in Newfoundland, Canada. She lost all of her upper teeth when she was 16 years old. Since then, she has been embarrassed to smile, covered her mouth whenever she did smile, and was limited in what she could eat. Three years ago, her daughter ( a nuclear physics student at the University of Toronto) found Herbert Veisman, BSc, DDS, FRCD on-line along with other specialists and practitioners. Since we were the only office to address her questions on-line and offered to see her for a consultation at her convenience, she decided to take a flight to Toronto and meet with us. No one offers our services within a 1000 km of where she lives.
When she arrived, she was very emotional about the fact that she had a difficult few years (having lost a number of family members). She wanted a new lease on life and she felt that if she could get her smile back, life would be much better. When she initially presented, she was overwhelmed by the amount of work that was needed and the associated costs of treatment. Margaret was told that she would need major bone grafting (due to years of atrophy and bone loss after losing her teeth  almost 45 years prior), would also need 8 dental implants along with a sophisticated dental bridge which these implants would then support. The cost would be around $80,000.
After thinking about her options for a couple of weeks, she returned for a second consultation and decided to proceed with the treatment. She was a little apprehensive but mostly excited to turn her life around. We started with the bone grafting procedures. During the healing and interim period, she sore a full upper denture (same one she had been wearing for several years) so there was little change to her life. After 6 months of bone healing, we proceeded to the 8 dental implants. After another 3 months of healing, work commenced on her final dental bridge which would be supported by the 8 dental implants.
Now, she returns to Toronto every 3 months to ensure that she protects her investment in her new smile. She can talk, smile, eat and kiss with confidence. She is happier then she has ever been. Her story was featured in Elevate Magazine (see PATIENT section first page) and several people have since come in for the same identical treatment because they were inspired by her. They all had identical experiences and have, in turn, referred many of their friends and family from all over Canada.
We are pleased to illustrated Margaret’s case here with BEFORE and AFTER photos.
Patient: Margaret
Age: 60
Home: Newfoundland, Canada
History: lost all her upper teeth almost 45 years ago
Treatment Goals: Replace all her upper teeth with a FIXED dental bridge on dental implants
Limitations: Patient lost most of her bone that would support dental implants, therefore, requiring BONE GRAFTS first
Innovative Technology Used: Donor Bone block technique; 3D CAT scan imaging; IV sedation anaesthesia
Time of treatment: 9-12 months
Cost: $80,000 (payment plan available)
Prognosis: Excellent (should last for the rest of her life with proper maintenance)

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