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Tooth Extraction and Immediate Dental implant

In most cases, if you need to have a tooth extracted, a dental implant usually can be placed  right away, and at time, a cap (crown) or bridge can be placed on the same day (depending on how strong you jaw bone is).
Teeth need to be extracted if you have advanced gum disease, trauma (ie. accident), broken tooth beyond repair, failed root canal or abscess (infection). If the infection is too complex, then the tooth will be extracted but a bone graft needs to be completed first. Then, after four months, a dental implant can then be placed. The crown (cap) can then be placed either on the same day or two to three months later (depending on bone strength).
The Dental Implant protocol is:
1. Extraction of hopeless tooth-Immediate dental implant if no infection in socket
2. Extraction of hopeless tooth-Bone graft first-Wait four months-dental implant-Wait three months-Cap (crown)
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