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Gummy smile correction-Instant graftification

If you have a gummy smile, there are two reasons for it. Either your teeth never fully erupted through the gums or your jaw bone is too long, or a combination of both. If your teeth never fully erupted, then we can help encourage that to happen by simply trimming some of the gum away. If your jaw bone is too long, then this would require consultation with an oral surgeon for more extensive treatment. However, we start with the gum trimming procedure first (as it is more conservative and simpler) and then decide later if you still require other interventions. Usually, 90%+ of patients are happy with the results from the gum trimming, called CROWN LENGTHENING, and do not proceed with more surgery. The most amazing aspect of this procedure is the fact that each patient experiences instant gratification. The results are INSTANT. You wake up from your procedure and you see the changes right away. It’s a NEW YOU.

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